Monday, January 18, 2010

Emma and Auntie Ash, Bridal Shots Continued

This really was a fun day, and Emma enjoyed every moment of it! 
Here are a couple of poses of Emma in her teal dress!
Ahhhh, the joys of being a mom and a grandma!
I am so blessed & I am very honored to be both!

Bridal Shots


 What a fun day this was to watch Ashli as she was photographed in her wedding dress prior to her wedding day.  She and Sherrie work very well together and as you can tell, she has a fun spirit!

Emma loves her Aunti Ash and is very mesmerized by her.  She stares at Ashli when she sits next to her.  It is a funny thing to watch her do.  We decided that it would be fun to include Emma in on the Bridal shots, so we brought her along for a girls day in the studio.  She modeled her teal dress that she wore for the wedding and she modeled her first of 3 white dresses, her blessing dress. This was fun, but, Ashli wanted to make sure that although she loves her niece very much, she is not the Mom, Afton is! Thanks for sharing Afton!

Engagement Photos!

Dave and Debbie Frank, Daniels Parents, with Ash and Daniel

Tiff, Greg, and I, with Afton, Ashli and Daniel, Jason was the photographer
(as you can tell it was very hard looking into the sun!)
Ashli, being tugged by her daddy and her hubby to be!
Even though she chooses Daniel as her hubby, she will still
have her daddy!
Ashli and Daniel just outside the Albuquerque NM Temple. This was a very special day for Ashli as she was able to enter into the Holy House of the Lord and make very sacred and eternal covenants with our Father in Heaven in preparation for her eternal marriage to Daniel!
Here are a couple of engagement photos. I can't find the cd that has all the indoor shots! Look for them on Ashli's blog to come!

This truly was a fun day! I don't think Daniel has ever had to pose so many times in his life since being engaged to Ash! Good Job Daniel!

She said Yes!!!

Apparently they have had some fun times at Farmington Lake, so this is the spot that he chose to propose!Ok, well here are some of Daniel and Ashli's proposal and engagement photos. She and I decided that we just need to create a blog for tune in for their blog, TBA!

I didn't play match maker!

Daniel and Ash in the way younger years!
Ashli and Daniel after a whip creme n cheerios fight!

At the Albuquerque Temple for Jason and Afton's Wedding, 2006

Enjoying a Smile! Goodness, they are sooooo young!
On September 9, 2009 Daniel Frank returned home from a very honorable 2 yr. mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where he served in the Ventura California Mission.

While Daniel was serving his mission, he and Ashli continued their friendship, but both traveled on different paths, unsure if there would be future plans together.

The night Daniel arrived home, he went to visit Travis and Terica. Daniel and Travis have been best friends for a long time. On the phone with Ashli as she got home (she was living with Travis and Terica at the time) I heard this conversation take place, "Daniel!!!! Ash!!!!!, wow, your hair is black!" I knew at that point I was the 3rd wheel and hung up the phone. They had a lot of catching up to do. Funny point to make............About a month or so before Daniel came home, Ashli and I were talking about him and she said, "Mom, I'm telling you since now that you need to get rid of any ideas you may have of playing match maker with Daniel and I, We have lead two different lives in the last two years so don't be trying to get us back together! I know you, and I know how bad you want us to be together but we have both changed!" My reply to her was this, "Ash, I love you and I love Daniel. He and I kept in contact the two years while he was gone, and yes, I would love to have him as a son-in-law, HOWEVER, I can tell you this, he has changed...He has grown alot, and matured a lot, and here is a reality check for you to think about, Daniel may come home and may not be interested in dating you again." I wasn't trying to be mean, just honest. I learned through his emails and letters that he truly had grown to be a Man of Honor, A Man who would always be blessed for the Honorable mission he served, I knew that his way of thinking had also matured. So, because of the changes he made on his mission and the growth that had taken place, I didn't know what or where or who he was going to choose when he came home.......and apparently neither did he!:)
So, Long story fairly short, Daniel and Ashli spent every day together once he got home. As he put it, lots of confusion was going through his mind...When he left California, he was unsure of what life in Bloomfield would be like for him. Nervous? Yes! But, because of his unwavering faith in our Father in Heaven, he took his concerns to him, and trusted in him to guide him in the direction that was best for he and Ash. She did the same. She had her own concerns. They have been friends since she was 14 and he 16. They dated, had their good times and some not so good times, but they knew they were both MORE mature now. They weren't the kids they were back then. So, Through much Fasting and Prayer, and numerous marriage talks, a visit or two to the temple, they knew they received their answer, and became engaged on September 30th.
So.......I don't get to say I played match maker......Our Father in Heaven already had it all taken care of!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Who's that kid with the oreo cookie?

Doesn't this look like a happy 8 month baby!
Could you resist giving a baby with such beautiful blue eyes an oreo cookie?

She actually managed to eat all the creamy middle first without separating the cookie!

Who's that kid with the oreo cookie? Licking out the creamy middle like u do when u r little?

I couldn't resist giving Emma the opportunity to indulge in an oreo cookie. As you can see, she absolutely loved it! And I didn't even mind cleaning her up afterwards! Ahhh, the rewards of being a grandma!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet little treats

I know im a day late and a dollar short in posting these pictures but I wanted to share them anyway. These were taken at Sutherland Farms during Octoberfest. It was a nice day with family. Well, minus a few.